What Makes Us One of the Best Recruitment Agencies in NZ?

NZ Recruit makes the recruitment process easy.

NZ Recruit is your one-stop solution for all temporary and permanent recruitment needs. As one of the country’s leading online job platforms, NZ Recruit has access to a vast pool of candidates from across the country, and as such, we will find a candidate who is perfectly suited for your job vacancy.

Based in Christchurch, we operate all over New Zealand. With a tight-knit network of employers and potential employees, we ensure that we will find the right people for your role, whether you need a completely new team or a few highly qualified experts for a specialised position.

As one of the leading recruitment agencies in New Zealand, we take pride in placing candidates in positions where they can shine. Our team of talent acquisition specialists closely analyse every application we receive to help match you with a position that best aligns with your experience and qualifications.

We fast-track the shortlisting process, saving you time and resources. With our extensive screening process, which ensures candidates are work-ready, and our drug testing services to vet candidates who could pose a threat to the safety of your business or other employees, we will provide you with a tailored shortlist of ideal candidates for your organisation.

As a well-established recruitment agency in New Zealand, we value the needs of both employers and employees, and strive for the best outcome for everyone. We understand that communication is crucial when it comes to creating good employee-employer relationships, and we therefore endeavour to keep channels open between both parties. Any concerns about the process will be resolved promptly, keeping your recruitment campaign running smoothly and effectively.

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To learn more about us, or to enquire about recruitment services for your business, contact our team on 0800 88 00 18 and let us know how we can help.

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