Temporary employment agencies in Christchurch

NZ Recruit: Temporary Recruitment Solutions for Employers

We streamline the recruitment process and find you the best candidates for the role.

Temporary staff are a great management solution for employers looking to fill roles quickly with candidates who can start straight away.

NZ Recruit makes temporary recruitment easy. We have access to a huge pool of eager candidates with a wide range of skills and qualifications searching for temporary employment who can start immediately.

With years of experience providing temporary recruitment for businesses up and down the country, we know strictly what to look for when sorting through applications, enabling us to fast-track the process of finding the right people for your project. With our extensive screening measures which ensure candidates’ work readiness, NZ Recruit will present you with a shortlist of candidates who are perfectly suited for the role.

We maintain open communication with both the employer and the candidate throughout the process to ensure that any concerns with the recruitment campaign are resolved promptly. We strive to find candidates we believe will seamlessly integrate with your existing team so you can make the most of their time with your organisation.

Why choose us for your temporary recruitment campaign?

NZ Recruit specialises in finding hardworking people with the right attitude for the job. As an employer, you need employees who you can trust to represent your business. Our services for employers include 

  • Advertising on TradeMe, MyJobSpace and Social Media so that the right talent sees your job vacancies.
  • Ensuring that suitable applicants are contacted accordingly so you don’t miss out on potential talent.
  • Helping you create your job advertisements to attract talented people to your company.
  • Performing CV database searches to find suitable candidates from the existing talent pool.
  • Performing job application filtering to save time going through numerous applications.
  • Screening candidates to find the best candidates for you. 
  • Drug and alcohol screening to ensure the safety of you and your clients.

Call us on 0800 88 00 18 or get in touch here to learn how we can help you with your recruitment campaign.