Temporary staffing services

A lot of companies get extremely busy around holiday and event periods. Sometimes the amount of staff employed is simply not enough to handle the workload and protect the mental and physical health of your existing employees. In these situations finding temporary staff is a must. Another scenario in which you may need temporary staff is if one of your existing employees needs to take leave, and won’t be at work for an extended period of time. When marital leave, maternal leave, sickness or poor health gets in the way of your staff coming to work, that’s where NZ Recruit’s temporary staffing services come in.

Being understaffed leads to lost time and money for your business, and also puts extra pressure on your other employees to carry the load. This can lead to even more problems down the line if your team suffers from fatigue or starts to feel unnecessarily overworked during these stressful periods. Temporary staffing helps alleviate that stress and fill in the gaps so that every member of your team can continue to do what they do best. Our candidates are great at integrating into the atmosphere of any employer they work with, and will fit right in with your team while your other employees are gone. This collaboration helps them work better and is a win-win for everyone involved. Then, once you’ve reached the point where your permanent staff can cover the workload, we can sort out an easy transition back to normal.

When you come to NZ Recruit for temporary staffing services, you can rest easy knowing we get the job done without any extra stress. There is always a worry that the temporary staff employed won’t be right for the job, or that they won’t work to their full potential just because they are temporary; this is where we come in. We can guarantee that the candidates picked out to join you temporarily are fit for the job by doing the screening process for you. We find temporary staff for companies all across NZ, no matter the field.