Labour Hire Services

NZ Recruit’s Labour Hire Services help get you the right people for the job. Whether you need help with specialised trades like carpentry or concrete pouring, or you’re just after extra hands on site to get the job done faster, we’ve got a huge range of candidates who bring their all and get the work done properly on every single project they’re a part of. Our labour hire service company supplying businesses across New Zealand with hard working candidates for years, and we understand the demands that come with working a labour job. That’s why our comprehensive screening process is finely tailored to find the best possible candidates for your requirements.

Hiring people for labour temporarily is a great way to ease the workload between your existing employees. Having an intensive workload can lead to your team feeling fatigued and overworked if they go too long without relaxing. Additional labour hire service ensures that your staff can rest if they need to and let our candidates do the heavy lifting while they recover.

Construction site managers and project managers may have difficulty meeting deadlines due to a staff shortage, or simply not having enough time. In those crucial moments, NZ Recruit can help bulk up your team so you can meet deadlines and keep the job flowing smoothly. Labour is a tough job to handle, but with our recruitment skills and experience, we can always find the best people for the job.

As one of the leading online job platforms we have access to countless different candidates across the country who will be perfectly suited for your company. Our services are available everywhere from Dunedin to Cape Reinga. With a huge network of potential employees and links extending all over the place, you can trust NZ Recruit to deliver high- quality labour for your business. To find out about hiring labour for your project, contact us on 0800 88 00 18 and talk to our recruitment experts.