Labour Hire Services


What is labour-hire?

Labour hire services involve a company or business employing third-party contractor staff to carry out labour for them on a temporary fixed-term basis. This could be labour in a huge number of sectors and fields, from specialist trade work like carpentry, concreting or scaffolding, to having extra hands on deck with hammerhand and general labourers.

What are the benefits of labour-hire?

Hiring labourers has a range of benefits for companies, allowing flexibility in a variety of situations as well as letting recruitment agencies take care of all the admin and management work associated with taking on new staff. With constantly changing market rates and conditions, labour hire enables companies to hire according to their needs for each project or type of work they undertake. Labour hire also lets companies adapt to unforeseen changes to their workforce such as dismissals, disruptions, maternity leave which would leave them short on staff and unable to continue their business. Likewise a shortage in work available could lead to a surplus of staff which can be very costly.

Who hires labour services?

Construction companies and project management consultants need tradespeople and labourers to meet deadlines on time and use labour hire to make sure they have all the best people for the job. All kinds of construction sites, from residential housing and retail shop fit-outs to huge civil projects like infrastructure and roading, all require extra staff based on the work needing to be done. There is always a demand for extra labour in our constantly changing world.