We Take Steps to Ensure Workplace Health and Safety, NZ

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At NZ Recruit, we prioritise the safety of employees and employers.

NZ Recruit is committed to ensuring the Health & Safety of every single one of our clients, both employees and employers. Health & safety is our number one priority – every person should leave work each day free from injury. Our focus on safety ensures that we work closely with our clients to comply with the current and upcoming relevant legislation, safe operating procedures, codes of practice, and guidelines.

NZ Recruit is Site Safe registered and NZQA qualified.

At NZ Recruit, we prioritise the safety of employees and employers.

Our goals:

To foster a company culture of zero harm behaviour.

To ensure NZ Recruit is an industry leader in both workplace health and safety NZ, and looking after our clients.

To meet these objectives we:

  • Take complete responsibility for workplace health and safety in NZ  and conduct regular assessments of our Health & Safety performance
  • Insist on safe workplace procedures, undertake site-specific hazard identification, conduct ongoing monitoring and carry out regular site toolbox visits.
  • Ensure employees are aware of their health & safety responsibilities, we undertake robust recruitment, induction, and screening processes to ensure workers are fit to undertake their roles in the workplace.
  • Encourage everyone to report any unsafe acts or behaviours without fear of reprisal.
  • Drive continuous improvement by reducing accident rates year on year.
  • Ensure that everyone at NZ Recruit, both clients and employees, understands the responsibilities for Health & Safety NZ and accepts their responsibility to promote a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Promote worker participation in workplace health and safety by maintaining the rights of all workers and union representatives to actively participate in the annual review of our injury management policies and procedures, and in hazard/risk identification and management.
  • Make the commitment to fully resource Health & Safety in the business and ensure that all personnel are regularly and appropriately trained.
  • Maintain excellent Health & Safety practices from our employees.
  • Maintain accurate and timely reporting and recording of all workplace accidents and near misses, supporting the safe and timely return to work of injured workers.
  • Ensure injury prevention information and programmes are dynamic and based upon key risk areas and accident data trends.
  • Ensure everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

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