Forklift Operators


What do forklift operators do?

Forklift operators use specialised vehicles with lifting platforms to help transport large or heavy items, such as crates, palettes, bales, containers and cartons. As a recruitment agency in Auckland we can help find operators easily. They ensure that goods are moved safely and help to store the goods efficiently. The job can also involve recording the movement of goods with paperwork, delivery forms and electronic methods to ensure good business practices. They are also responsible for making sure their vehicles are in working order as well as meeting all standards and safety requirements. We can hire forklift operators in Wanaka.

What skills do forklift operators need?

Since driving and operating a forklift involves moving large or heavy goods which can cause safety risks if not handled properly, it is vital that forklift operators have a solid understanding of their code of practice and health and safety regulations. All our trained staff in Queenstown understand the safety risks involved. They need to have good driving skills and be thoroughly knowledgeable about the operations and limitations of forklifts. We are one of the top operator recruitment agencies in Arrowtown. A good ability to judge weights, distances, speeds, and volumes is also necessary for this type of work. Operators should also know the variations between different types of forklifts, such as diesel, LPG, and battery-powered models. We can find forklift operators in Alexandra.

Where can forklift operators find work?

Forklift operation can lead to a variety of careers in different sectors across the country. We help find positions for operators in Clyde. Manufacturers, distributors and freight companies need forklift drivers to help them move large quantities of goods around and between warehouses and depots. Companies based at wharves and ports also need help transporting crates and containers to different areas as well as on and off ships. Forestry and horticulture companies dealing with very large operations also require forklifts for the transportation of their products. Various other types of retailers also need forklifts for moving their stock around stores. We are one of the top forklift operator recruiters in Cromwell.