Employee drug screening services Christchurch


Our esteem services for our clients to uphold their trust in employers. Employee drug screening services is required to test the level of drug and alcohol count in the person’s body. This is a mandatory test that is offered by many recruitment agencies. Depending on the state of law and several companies polices in before all the employees, we do this test to make a job as an offer. As a Registered NZQA qualified Drug and Alcohol tester, we can offer one-off onsite testing.

As a responsible employee certain characteristic are must possess, similarly, their drug behaviour is also needed to note. Test of employee drug screening services in Christchurch are done by our agency to hold on the rely on employee drug behaviour. As we understand that there are certain agencies where drug screening test is mandatory to be done especially for certain positions. Depending on the types that include your blood testing, hair testing and urine testing will show up the results later on.

Further, we would make sure from every test to drug and alcohol test that the employee must be suitable for the required post in your prestigious organisation. With accurate and cost-effective results, NZ Recruit provides their clients with job screening services to make their hiring decisions more effective. Screening tests will check about your health and behaviour of the candidate and look for the symptoms and diseases if they have one. It has become the new trend and following the recruiters to make out their job hiring decision easy. Single and packages are available