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Available packages to suit your Recruitment Needs.
Packages start from $497+ gst per job advertisement

(includes but not limited to) Option 1

($497 plus gst per role)

JOB ADVERT PLACEMENT – Our focus is to increase the number of applications you receive for your roles, which ultimately improves the overall standard of applicants and helps you to find and recruit employees who are right for your business.

We do this by using the 3 largest job sites available in New Zealand:
As well as these, we get your position placed on job aggregators such as:
We can also help with the make-up of your advert.

CV DATABASE SEARCH – We search across a range of different candidate CV databases from job boards, which enables us to search for candidates that have the desired experience and skills for your individual job vacancies.

This approach ensures that you have access to passive candidates, as well as active candidates, who are applying for jobs.

As the business services in New Zealand growing with the rapid phase, the job vacancies have also increased in a variety of fields. NZ REcruit offers recruitment services in Wanaka and Queenstown. We also have staffing in Auckland, and can place you on jobs in Arrowtown. As with the onset of many different occupations, various recruitment packages are available according to the position applies for experience and education. We also do employment offers in Alexandra. As per our customer’s safety, we also opt for the drug screening services of the employees, followed by the other job screening services. NZ Recruit worked for the various Business employment services in Christchurch. Apart from the various job advertising portals we always tend to provide the maximum Business employment services at Christchurch. We also extend our reach to Clyde and offer placements in Cromwell.

SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE – People are increasingly using social media in order to build their career presence and search for jobs. Many found their last job through a social network. We engage with social media groups as well as having our own accounts of which we have 6 social media platforms

All of this saves you time so you can spend it on more productive activities for your business.


In some cases, employers do not just struggle to attract enough candidates, they also struggle to process the job applications they receive. This often means your recruitment advertising investment is being wasted and candidates who have applied for your roles are snapped up by your competitors.

This could be due to a lack of resource, time constraints or other day-to- day operational challenges. When companies invest significant sums of money to attract candidates, only to lose them through an inability to respond promptly, the cost to your business can be significant, as well as helping your competitors.

Through our team of Talent Acquisition Specialists you can choose to outsource the
candidate filtering and vetting process to us. We can process job applications on your behalf, filtering out unsuitable applications, leaving you with a shortlist of suitably experienced & qualified candidates.

Imagine advertising a role and receiving a prompt shortlist of suitable candidates who match the job brief. It can be that easy!


We can also contact suitable shortlisted candidates and take them through a recruitment screening interview. This acts as a further level of filtering during which we will collect key information that you require to help you determine a candidate’s suitability for the position.

By outsourcing this step in the recruitment process, not only are candidates being assessed for suitability, but they’re also being responded to in a timely fashion, thereby reducing your risk of losing good candidates.

This can also include drug and Alcohol screening and psychometric testing.


We also provide a fully outsourced recruitment solution for clients ranging from being
responsible for their total recruitment through to one off critical hiring projects. Please ask us about this and we would be happy to discuss a solution that is specific for your company and fits your specific requirements. Short and long term staffing is available.