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About NZ Recruit – Recruitment Solutions for Employers and Employees

Developing extensive knowledge during years of recruitment and sales, both in the UK and New Zealand, we wanted to bring this platform and provide a service to help and develop your recruitment needs.

NZ Recruit is offering services to help reach and fill your current vacancies by advertising your current jobs on Seek, Trademe and Myjobspace, also by expanding your reach through social media.

Not only can NZ Recruit offer advertising services, we will ensure applicants are contacted accordingly.

Communication is key.

We can help write your advert, screen and prepare for interviews. What takes your time and puts pressure on you we can help manage.

Building long-term working relationships is essential to us both, understanding your business and your recruitment needs in Auckland.

We understand that sometimes you need an extra pair of hands to help for a few days or a few weeks; not a problem, we can provide temporary recruitment in Wanaka, or long-term staffing in Queenstown, to help your company during those busier times.

Our goal is to provide a service that helps your business with recruitment in Arrowtown and takes the pressure off you. We have a reputation as one of the premier recruiters in Alexandra and take pride in providing robust job opportunities in Clyde as well as Cromwell.